The way of my life - routesetters on the road

A few words about our way of life

The way of my life, these words absolutely capture the essence of our work.

Who are we? We are route setters on the road. We are travelling for route setting, route setting for climbing and climbing for meaning of our lives.

Our goal? Travel across Europe and routeset in many climbing gyms. Meet new people, discover new route setting styles, find new rock areas and of course climb and climb.

Our qualification? The school of life. We have both professionally route setted for more than 5 years in different countries (CZ, DE, IT, FR, AT, LUX, CH, BE, PL, SK) , climbed around 20 years and have experience with climbing on different types of rock across Europe. Of course, we have license for work at heights - rope access and for using high platform.

So this is our "way of my life", during which we hope to set many climbing ways for you.

the way of our lifes

the way of our lifes