Discover unique Czech sandstones!

Do you know the spectable world of Czech sandstones? Narow rock towers, wonderfull rock towns and unrepeatable atmosphere of local climbing? We do! And we love it! This is the reason why we want to come back in Czech during summer time and we want to share this wonderfull experience from climbing here with you.

One, two or more days spent by climbing and exploring the beauty of different sandstone areas with us

You can go alone or with friends, but maximum is a group of 4 persons.

sandstone town Adršpach


The price depends on the number of climbing days and persons.

The price for one day:
1 person        120 €
2 persons       100 €/person
3 persons       84 €/person
4 persons      72 €/person

The price for weekend (2 days):
1 person        180 €
2 persons       150 €/person
3 persons       126 €/person
4 persons       108 €/person

The informative price per one week is 400 - 630 € and depends on number of climbing days, persons and restday programs.

During this week we will spend 4 - 6 days by climbing (depends on the weather, your physical abilities and your wishes), the restdays we can take excursions to admire our unique nature or culture monuments or you can have your own program. and of course, we won't miss evenings in typical climbing pubs and tasting a great Czech beer.

All prices include guiding fee and group equipment. Other stuff (helmet, harness and climbing shoes) can be borowed on request. The acommodation can be arranged by us after agreement in local camps, hotels or private.

Some information about Czech sandstone climbing:

The climbing in the middle of a rock town is unforgetable.

The sandstone rock forms interesting shapes,rock towers and rock formations.

Craks, chimneys, slabs, grooves or lieback... this all you can meet there.

The rock is vulnerable and climbing here is very traditional so special rules are aplied there, for example:

  • For belaying there are used rings and the distance between them is usually big. Therefore the knowledge of trad climbing and setting up your own belay gear is nesecessity.
  • But is prohibited to use iron (cams or nuts - because it can demage the rock). You can use only textile stuffs - slings, knots, and reasonably ufos (sandstone cams).
  • Climbing after rain or using of magnesium is prohibited
  • No top rope.
  • The view from the top of sandstone tower and the feelings you have after climbing there...these can't be describe by words, you have to experience it...

    You can find more photo from our sandstone adventures on our Facebook.

    sandstone towers