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Petra Pokorná Formanová - Peutetre

I have been climbing for many years, since my 14 years and now it is hard to imagine my life without climbing. With route setting I started around 10 years ago on an old-school climbing gym. This old wall is in my hometown and actually is still working, beside the new modern climbing gyms. There I took my first steps in routesetting, with old holds, without modern equipment or a high platform.
Then I started with route setting on more modern gyms, enhanced my style, learned the new ones and climbing world has gradually become my working world.
I like climbing on different types of rocks - sandstone, lime, granite etc. I admire what nature was able to create in rock shapes and climbing steps. In my routes, I'm trying to incorporate, what the mother nature taught me.
And what does Peutetre mean? It is a pun from French world "peut etre" which means maybe. it describes one of my life mottos that in the life nothing is sure and life brings a lot of changes.



Martin Pokorný - Pokec

Martin has been climbing for more than 15 years. He is a quite good technician and so in his routes, you will find pretty technical steps. He likes to play with holds, trying to find all possibilities how they can be held. Edges and corners are his specialities.
He usually thinks of small climbers because he climbs with me (Peutetre) and I'm just 162 cm high :-). His favorite rock material is Czech sandstone, where he really loves to climb on the nice rock towers.
He started with routesetting in 2010 and since 2015 he he has been full-time routesetter and climbing instructor.